Seb Bouin freed La Côte d’usure, new 9a+ at La Ramirole

A 60 meters long beauty in Verdon

26 September 2018
Seb Bouin has finally climbed La Côte d'usure, route at La Ramirole which should be the first 9a+ in Verdon.

Strong of an experience of various previous rputes on this difficulty and even beyond, the French Seb Bouin had set as a program to return to Flatanger this month to close the accounts with Move but then he found himself changing programs and the choice is relapse on an old project left unfinished for a long time.

The Côte d'usure had been bolted by Seb himself 10 years ago, when he was only a 16-year-old teenager, and consists of two sections, one of 8c+/9a and the other of 8c+ where a super-resistance is required, the all for 60 meters of route.

With A Muerte Bilou 9a and Parajito 8c+/9a, this is another high level first ascent opened in the famous French location for Bouin, who among his exploits includes pitch like Kmira in Saint Loup, La Madone in Luberon and La Rambla, all of 9+.


Zenit 740x195

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