Seb Bouin did the second ascent of Mamichula, 9b at Oliana

Adam Ondra realized the FA in 2015

16 April 2019
Seb Bouin made the first repeat of Mamichula, 9b routeb freed by Adam Ondra in 2017.

Great performance for the strong French climber Seb Bouin at Oliana where he closed Mamichula, graded 9b from his first climber, Adam Ondra, and that he had not seen other ascent before Seb's arrival. The pitch, which connects Pachamama to Papichulo, caused a great deal of crisis for the Czech champion but Bouin had a secret weapon, his mother who made him belay!

"What a day yesterday! I had the best possible companion that made me safe, my mom! During my last trip, I fell right on the last move. I'm so happy to have closed the job now! On paper it is the hardest route. "

Seb actually came from a fabulous moment. In March he had already climbed the very same Pachamama while riding the first months of 2019 and the last of 2018 he freed La Folle Histoire Immonde in Montpellier, which he estimated to be probably 9a, and Les yeux plus gros que l'antre to Russan , with a proposed difficulty of 9a+/9b while the full 9b had already arrived in 2015 when, still in Spain and in Villanueva del Rosario, he did the repetition of the famous Chilam Balam.

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photo Jan Novak

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