Seb Bouin quickly climbs also Catxasa, 9a+

In Santa Linya, another performance by the French great master

12 February 2020
Sébastien Bouin hit another pearl of high difficulty by climbing Catxasa to Santa Linya, 9a+.

Restarted recently, the ride of Seb Bouin on high difficult proceeds at a great pace and hits another valuable ascent. These are Catxasa, 9a+ in Santa Linya, who after the first ascent of Chirs Sharma saw the repetitions among others also by Piotr Schab, Sachi Amma, Ramonet, Jakub Kone─Źny and Adam Ondra.

The number of pitches from 9a to climb (for now up to 9b +) closed by Seb in the last 12 months has risen to at least 13:

Catxasa, 9a+ Santa Linya
Joe Mama, 9a+ Oliana
The Dream, 9b Brar
No Pain, No Gain, 9a Rodellar
De battre mon coeur s'est arrêté, 9a Rodellar
Patanics, 9a+ Rodellar
Detectives, 9a Rodellar
La Rage d'Adam, 9b+ Ramirole
Move, 9b+ Flatanger
Beyond, 9a Pic St Loup
Super Finale, 9a Rawyl
Papichulo, 9a+ Oliana
Mamichula, 9b Oliana
Pachamama, 9a+ Oliana

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