Seb Bouin quickly climbs also Catxasa, 9a+

In Santa Linya, another performance by the French great master

12 February 2020
Sébastien Bouin hit another pearl of high difficulty by climbing Catxasa to Santa Linya, 9a+.

Restarted recently, the ride of Seb Bouin on high difficult proceeds at a great pace and hits another valuable ascent. These are Catxasa, 9a+ in Santa Linya, who after the first ascent of Chirs Sharma saw the repetitions among others also by Piotr Schab, Sachi Amma, Ramonet, Jakub Konečny and Adam Ondra.

The number of pitches from 9a to climb (for now up to 9b +) closed by Seb in the last 12 months has risen to at least 13:

Catxasa, 9a+ Santa Linya
Joe Mama, 9a+ Oliana
The Dream, 9b Brar
No Pain, No Gain, 9a Rodellar
De battre mon coeur s'est arrêté, 9a Rodellar
Patanics, 9a+ Rodellar
Detectives, 9a Rodellar
La Rage d'Adam, 9b+ Ramirole
Move, 9b+ Flatanger
Beyond, 9a Pic St Loup
Super Finale, 9a Rawyl
Papichulo, 9a+ Oliana
Mamichula, 9b Oliana
Pachamama, 9a+ Oliana

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