Sindre Sæther climbs Chilam Balam, 9a+/9b

The strong Norwegian on his old sport climbing project

03 December 2019
The talented Norwegian climber Sindre Sæther, a not so famous name in our country, managed to climb his long Chilam Balam project in Villanueva del Rosario, great and prestigious 9a+/9b pitch characterized by over 230 movements.

Not a fast ascent for Sindre, which for this project started in November 2017, spent something like 85 days solving the first part of 8c+ at least 35 times. The name of Sæther is then added to those of Bernabe Fernandez, Adam Ondra, Seb Bouin, Dani Andrada and Edu Marin who before him had solved this monstrous route in Andalusia.

However, the activity of Sindre Sæther is not limited to sport climbing only, indeed, he is a versatile climber and among his notable climbs we note the first free ascent of Arch Wall, 37 pitches with artificial difficulty up to A4+ , is the repetition of Golden Gate on El Capitan, the famous big wall of the American valley.


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