Stefano Carnati, Around 9a [VIDEO]

The praise of move

30 May 2017

From Frankenjura to Cornalba, from Val di Susa to Ceuse, from Gajum to Specchio del Grifone. Around 9a is a great video of talented Stefano Carnati on incredible route in half Europe. Here is not hte celebration of realization but the praise of move, of attempt, of fall, of all is the soul of climbing.
Action Direct, Frankenjura, 9a
Underground, Massone, Arco, 8c+/9a
Goldrake, 9a+
Zuper Mandrake, 8c+
Geo, Val di Susa, 8c
Project, Gajum, 8c+/9a
La Cadre Nouvelle, Ceuse, 9a
Riti Tribali, Specchio del Grifone, 8c+

Camera: Adriano Carnati, Marco Zanone, Riky Felderer, Enrico Veronese.
Editing: Yuri Palma

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