Stefano Ghisolfi does Stoking the Fire, 9b

Even the rock of Santa Linya yields under the power of Italian champion

29 December 2019
Stefano Ghisolfi repeated Stoking the Fire in Santa Linya bringing six shots of 9b or higher that have risen in these years.

In Santa Linya, Spain, Stefano Ghisolfi climbed one of the routes symbol of the Iberian cave, Stoking the Fire, 9b pitch freed by Chris Sharma in 2013 and then done just by Adam Ondra, Jakob Schubert and Sachi Amma.

Stefano has encountered anything but favorable conditions, doing the length with some wet holds and on the 9b even just a little humidity can make the difference between success and defeat.

The "career" on Ghisolfi's 9b began in November 2015 when he climbed Lapsus in Andonno and then repeated, in 2017, on First Round, First Minute in Margalef, and at the end of the year in Laghel, Arco di Trento area, hitting the first repetition of One Slap. 2018 had been a special year, both for the ascent of La Capella to Siurana but above all for the chain reached by Perfecto Mundo, his first 9b +.

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