Stefano Bettoli climbs Underground, historical route at Arco di Trento

The most famous 9a (8c+) of Arco becomes reality

08 November 2019
An important personal success for Stefano Bettoli who closed Underground, a 9a pitch at Arco di Trento, in Massone, a long-hatched dream that, like many, had impressed him from a young age.

At Arco, the climber of Castellarano Stefano Bettoli has closed Underground, famous 9a pitch (for some climbers not really full but it doesn't matter) for a long time dreamed and for which he thought for years. The attraction for this unique roof dates back to years before, a project never forgotten and abandoned.

"The first time I saw the Pueblo caves I was 17 and I was impressed: I wasn't under any cave, it was" the roof of the videos of the strong ones, the ones that made the Rockmaster"; perhaps the first 9 of Italy. All this made the environment even more strange but special.

It scared me and I never imagined I would try it one day.

Years go by, mature, friends keep telling me that Underground is the shot for me.

Put aside the initial fear for this piece of history, I start to try it, and as soon as I find the methods to solve the 3 boulder problems, I understand that it is really congenial, as well as fun: I can play it.

...I do not believe it. 6 days of attempts and 11 minutes of horizontal climbing wake me up, to tell me that I can tame this roof! I go downstairs, hug my father and my girlfriend. Everything is magical."

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