Extraordinary Stefano Ghisolfi! Climbs Perfecto Mundo and it's 9b+!!!

In Margalef an unthinkable dream is realized

07 December 2018
Stefano Ghisolfi at Margalef did Perfecto Mundo, 9b+, the first for him and the first for an Italian climber.

We are really speechless. Stefano Ghisolfi has rightfully entered the ranks of the strongest climbers in the world, one of the few, very few able to climb a 9b+! Today, in fact, the very strong Turin climber resolved Perfecto Mundo at Margalef raising even more the bar of his personal level. Needless to say, it is also the first Italian to do it. What matters is that as he did only Adam Ondra, Alex Megos and Chris Sharma and now with them there is also this climber who with his usual determination, equal only to his humility and dedication, is making a whole country dream, for the portion that obviously climbs. Before this, Stefano had climbed a good four 9b. Lapsus at Andonno, First Round, First Minute at Margalef, One Slap at Arco and La Capella at Siurana.

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