[VIDEO] Adam Ondra tries a new possible 9b in Canada

Czech climber close to resolve his project

09 July 2018

The moves are all there, now he must put them together. The great Adam Ondra is close to resolve his Canadian project in Acephale and after days of attempts, it could soon be the ascent of this new technic route that, according to this vertical engineer, should be around the 9b.

"There are not many destinations to go in the summer and find good conditions. That's why I decided to go to Canada and stay in Canmore, a village in the Rockies. I expected more pleasant conditions but in fact it was quite cold and with such a dry climate that my fingers are easily cut off. The first day I practically did not climb. Now the weather is getting better and some projects are drying up. While waiting, I'm trying other shots and I'm training in the local gym to keep a good shape. "

Here are some shots closed by Adam these days:
First Flight 5.14c - 8c+ onsight
Existence Mundane 5.14b - 8c onsight
Ojas 5.14a - 8b+ di placca onsight
Endless Summer 5.13d - 8b onsight
Whale Back 5.13c - 8a+ onsight
Army Ants 5.13c - 8a+ flash
The Shine 5.14a - 8b+
Leviathan 5.14a - 8b+
Hairball Direct 5.13d - 8b FA
Beam me up Scotts 5.13c - 8a+

Tcpro 740x195

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