Forecast allergy: 9as rain!

9a for Garriga, Ghisolfi, Larrocha, Fuertes and others

15 April 2021
Forecast allert in the whole world: huge 9as rain!

In a period full of appointments, events and competitions, the rope lovers are on fire. 

Let’s start with the Italian Stefano Ghisolfi, who grabs a really quick ascent of The ring of life, the hardest route in Covolo. It is the first repetition of the line established by Silvio Reffo and it confirms the great Stefano’s fitness, who climbed it without a lot of work.

Gonzalo Larrocha has freed a new extreme line. With more than 20 lines 9a or harder, he is already well known. This time we are talking about him because of his first ascent of PanHaters, in Alquezar. It is the top of his “pandemic cure”: to bolt and to free new lines near home. About the grade, he proposes 9a because, in his opinion, it is too hard for a simple 8c+.

Daniel Fuertes, fresh entered in 9b club, has climbed a classic line in Rodellar, opened by Dani Andrada back in 2016, called Borrachos libres. It is Daniel's return to high level, after a hard battle Vs the pandemic… 9a for him!

Jonathan Siegrist is still a herd route hunter in USA and we are in Hurricave, already well known in the whole world. With more than fifty lines from 9a to 9b, Jonny is one of the greatest rock climber and proposes an upgrade. “hard as hell!”... This is what he said about The Activator, recently ones by Joe Kinder. “9a/a+, there are no questions!”

Anghelo Bernal is new in the grade. For him Victimes del futur is the first 9a. He did the first attempt back in 2019, but it has been a long fight. With this line in Margalef, he is the first Colombian climber to reach the 9th grade!. 

And what about Laura Rogora? We will talk about her soon… 

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