Does Spanish mean 9th grade?

Diaz Rullo and Gines López on their projects

02 October 2020
The two Spanish climbers Jorge and Alberto have climbed their lines.

Starting from the younger, Alberto Gines López has send Leire, a 9a line in Cuenca. For the already Tokyo qualified this one is the second 9a in career. For the ascent he has spent just five attempts in two days! Nowadays Cuenca is probably the most popular crag in Spain, full of strong climbers: what a huge motivational source! 

Jorge Diaz Rullo has climbed a real famous line by Chris Sharma, El bon combat. For Jorge, this one is the 5th 9b in the last 16 months! Sharma said 9b/+, Schubert 9a+, Camargo 9b. Diaz Rullo says… 9b! He has spent a lot of attempts for climbing it and he says that it is totally not his style. Anyway, despite the grade, he is so happy for his ascent! 

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