Anna Taylor: E8 7a in free-solo

Psykovsky’s Sequins without rope

02 February 2022
Anna Taylor has free-soloed Psykovsky's Sequins (E8 7a).

The environment of trad climbing has certainly been a trend in recent times but, given the inherent danger of the discipline, few climbers in the world attempt rather dangerous pitches. Protecting yourself from below and climbing these single pitches in a clean style is really something for a few, almost all men. Anna Taylor, however, seems to disagree.

The 23 year old native of the Peak District (and you already understand a lot of things) is making her way with elbows high and, after having climbed two E8s in the past with Obsession Fatale (Roaches) and Disorderly Conduct (Reecastle), has now added another step to the his career. In fact, in the North York Moors you repeated Psykovsky 's Sequins in free solo, without protecting yourself even with the help of a crashpads.

The route in question is a pitch originally graded E9 by Franco Cookson, who in 2013 did the FA free-solo: the route has almost exclusively small holes barely usable for the fingers, let alone for protection. Subsequently, in one of these holes, Dave Birkett lodged a protection, disgrading the route to E8 7a. In the women's field, the E8 reaches the top of the world, certainly in a free-solo style. Few women in the world have made it to E9 so far, including Barbara Zangerl with Achemine and Anna Hazelnutt with Once Upon a Time.

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