Ashima Shiraishi: fall in climbing gym

To the ground from 14 meters high

09 July 2016

Incredible incident luckily without consequences for the American Champion Ashima Shiraishi that during a practice in a climbing gym did a 14 meters long fall. Ashima was in Georgia, at Stone Summit gym of Kennesaw. At the top of a route, the father and coach Hisatoshi “Poppo” Shiraishi did a mistake with the belay system and Ashima fell on the floor beating. Two climbers present at the moment immobilized her body waiting for the ambulance.

Today on a social, Ashima writes: As some of you may have heard, I decked from 45 feet at a climbing gym yesterday. Luckily I was able to walk out of the hospital without anything broken or fractured. Although I have a few bruises on my back my doctor said that I was ok to climb as soon as I felt comfortable. I feel unbelievably lucky to not have any major injuries. Thank you so much to those who helped me at the accident and for the prayers.”

All resolved with a great fear but climbing world risked to lose its great female talent. Ashima in fact is the stronger female climbing with 9a/+ level on sport climbing and 8c in boulder. During last World Youth Championship in Arco, dominated both in Boulder than Lead with a double title.

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