Berthe: from bigwalls to 8c flash

Mind control flash for Séb

22 March 2021
Sébastien Berthe has climbedMind Control, 8c, in flash style.

The world famous Big Wall climber Sébastien Berthe has sent his first 8c flash. The route is  Mind Control, ex 8c+ in Oliana. Séb is Master in Physical Education and well known as alpinist (he climbed lines like Bellavista, La voie petit…), but he is really able also in sport climbing. In the last year, he has climbed lines until 9a+ (Supercrackinette) and he is actually projecting  Fight or flight (9b), another gem in Spain. The idea to try Mind Control flash is quite old. Séb knew that the line is a endurance masterpiece, without any cruxes, so quaite appropriate to give a chance flash. During his first trip in Oliana he didn’t feel ready to give a try, because of his personal body shape. In 2021,back in Spain for trying Fight, the shape has been really better. After a bad day on his main project, Séb moved under Mind Control with some locals, for studying it well. He left the ground a bit nervous, but the “beast mode” has come and, after an epic battle with the pump, he get the chain.

From Séb Berthe’s IG page



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