James McHaffie and Nick Bullock repeat Rubble

Beautiful line in Gogarth cliff

13 July 2009   A repeat of an E7 by James McHaffie and Nick Bullock may not seem like 'hold the front page' news by today's standards, but then Rubble is no ordinary route. A clue to the route's nature lies in its name. It's one of those Gogarth routes with an aura about it. One that hasn't diminished since Paul Pritchard and Leigh McGinley first climbed it in 1991. And one of the most obvious lines you'll ever see! Taking the conglomerate dyke that Concrete Chimney (HVS) avoids, it is described as "The softest route in the world". Rising from the foot of Wen Zawn at a grade of E7 6a, 6a, 5a Rubble is clearly a serious undertaking and a journey that has probably only seen one previous repeat Exiting the cave at the start of the first pitch is steep, bold, technical and loose. James described it as: "Having plenty of holds but you have to try and avoid using the smaller ones as they are most likely to come-off. There is also lots of kit but it's all very poor apart from one wire." Nick commented that: "It's one of those routes where anything could happen. Following Caff on the first pitch, I grabbed a chalked hold and it promptly broke-off. Finding myself on the sharp end under the ceiling on the second pitch, dubbed 'the hanging flange of death', I realised this was no exaggeration."   ms   Source: dmmclimbing.com video      
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