Carlos "Citro" Logrono on Desafiando a Noa, 8c+

Video and 5 questions to strong Spanish climber

12 February 2016

We met Carlos "Citro" Logroño a couple of years ago at the San Vito Climbing Festival and we see with pleasure that his passion never subside .
At 45 years it has risen a beautiful whim , an 8c+ to Alquézar , Desafiando Noa , for which one of his sponsors made this nice video . So tempting opportunity to contact him again and submit it.

Can you tell something about you: when and where did you start to climb? Where you best area?

I started climbing at the age of 14 when the magazines where in black and white, I mean I've been half a lifetime in the rock and I will continue there the other half. And all this started climbing in Mallos de Riglos, 40km from my home. There are a lot of places and I can't say which is my favorite, but it is clear that Rodellar occupies one of the top.

8c+ at 45 years old: what's your secret?

How many days in a week do you train in a climbing gym and how many climbs outdoor?

lol the secret? There are no secrets when you do something you like. Everything lies in being stubborn and insist, all accompanied by a workout since I do invest approximately 6 days per week between climbing and training. But the truth is that I'd rather be climbing that training at a climbing wall indoor. I usually do two days of indoor and four outdoor.

Climbing is your work?

I can say yes, at least one part of my job as I work for mountain company.

Which are you best ascent??

There have been a few in ice and dry-tooling and also in sport climbing, but I do remember very pleasantly my first 7a and my first 8a.

What is your next target??

Targets? jejejeje I have a lot both in sport climbing and multi pitch but now I am very focused on a route of trad climbing that is very hard both for climbing and for securing as everytime you fall, you loose a secure but I'm there insisting and insisting.

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