Chris Sharma, videointerview

I can imagine the 9c

09 March 2016

From the FA of El Bon Combat of 9b+ to the on-sight of Snuff Movie8c, to the FA ofCatalann Witness the Fitness, this last year for Chris Sharma was characterized to not numerous but very important ascents. Cause the opening of his new climbing gym in Barcelonain fact, the American champion was not able to dedicate a lot of time to the rock. Here, during a presentation with one of his sponsor Petzl, Desnivel realized a video-interview with him.

“I love to have always new projects” Sharma says, “and this structure is like toh ave a new entire sector in the middle of Barcellona. During your life, you must have always not challenges and to work to under stand if their are possible. Now we want to fill it with good power and activities for the people.”

In 2016, Chris want to dedicate himself to new routes in Calalonia, where he lives now, naturally really hard like Le Blond, dedicated to Patrick Edlinger, and others.

“I feel really motivated like one time and I have some new projects that represent a new step for me. I can imagine the 9c."

source and full interview Desnivel

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