Chuat and Ometz on Coup de Grace

Two repetitions for the 9a

08 May 2021
Samuel Ometz and Dylan Chuat take two ascent of the classical Coup de Grace (9a).

Samuel Ometz and Dylan Chuat have climbed one of the most famous routes in Switzerland: Coup de Grace.

For Dylan this one is the fourth 9 and he said to be really happy about finding a route which is really close to his limit, with a long and hard process for the sending. Different speech for Samuel, who has climbed it really quickly: three days this year and few attempts in the past. He says that with the kneepad (that he used) the line could be a little bit easier. Coup de Grace has become really famous because of its opener, Dave Graham, who freed it in a really futuristic vision. The route starts in fact with a hard boulder, then it is more about endurance.

Moreover, Samuel is also fresh of the first repetition of Baba Yaga, a short and bouldery 9a opened by Giuliano Cameroni, always in Switzerland. About the grade of this last one, Samuel said that it could be easy as 9a. The first part is a boulder around 8B, followed by another 7C, with an easy topout. As often happens, this is a knee pad send: Samuel says that this could make easier the grade. The line, in general, is a beautiful arete, tricky and really technical. Brother of the strong Bapstiste, Samuel has climbed a lot of 9a lines and 8B+ boulder problems.

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