9th club: Firnenburg, Bolger and Diaz Rullo

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31 May 2022
David Firnenburg, Tom Bolger and Jorge Diaz Rullo on extreme 9a pitches.

While the bouldering and speed world cup is in full swing, while young climbers compete in international youth competitions, strong sport climbers from all over the world are climbing hard on their projects, as in the case of Firnenburg, Bolger and Diaz Rullo ...

David Firnenburg, of the famous and very strong Firnenburg Brothers, found another tough route and added it to his resume. We are talking about Blindgänger, a 9a born in 2021 by Dmitri Vogt. The shot features a varied and complete style, with notches, holes and flats, remaining one of the hardest routes in Unterwald. Falling to the top on the second day of trying, David then climbed it in the third session, calling it rather "soft".

In Spain, two very strong climbers have climbed the same route: we are talking about Tom Bolger and Jorge Diaz Rullo. Let's take it easy… Tom has freed this new pitch at Margalef, proposing the grade of 9a and calling it The Journey. As often happens then, the good Jorge Diaz Rullo has won the second ascent, but what is much rarer, he has proposed a slight upgrade. Comparing it to the other pitches in the area, the route could easily be 9a/+. Jorge is already working on the second part of the pitch, which proceeds up to another belay, adding a lot of spice to an already extreme route!

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