Dani Andrada: que maquina!

23 8th grades in 13 days

09 February 2021
Dani Andrada has climbed 23 routes 8a or harder in just 13 days.

On his Instagram, Dani Andrada has wrote a list of hard routes which is really impressive. It seems that time never flies for Dani, who is still in a super fitness. Together with Jonathan Flor, another huge Spanish talent, Dani has spent some days in Crevillente ed a Tarbena, less know areas respect other crags. In few days, Dani has climbed an impressive list of hard routes: 23 lines from 8a to 9a (downgraded to 8c+)!

Here the list of his personal favourites, with some adjustments to the grade:

Valla vecinos 8c flash (8b)

Invasores Vecino 8b+ onsight (8b)

Silencio demente 8b+ onsight (8a+)

Tardeo de pinchos 8b+ onsight (8a)

Fabula 8a+ onsight (8a)

Supernova 8c+ (8b+/8c)

Superpequeña 8c+/9a (8c/8b+)

Ataxia 9a (8c/+)

In his post, he said also that the downgrades come from a comparison with other strong climbers, like the well-known Jonatan Flor.

From Dani Andrada's IG page




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