Diaz Rullo and Scherz: 9a+!

Nice ascents in Spain

03 December 2021
Jorge Diaz Rullo and Stefan Scherz on their 9a+ projects.

The two young climbers are truly on fire and continue to bring out extreme achievements in Spain. Stefan's story especially is something very inspiring, but we'll talk about it shortly.

Let's start with Jorge Diaz Rullo: the Spanish climber is really chopping up an embarrassing amount of extreme routes and he really has a lot of them on his resume. The latest addition to this long list is Samfaina, in the Margalef crag. The line was freed by Chris Sharma and repeated only by Ramon Julian Puigblanque and Diaz Rullo; the first two agreed on the listing of 9a, while Jorge proposes a slight upgrade to 9a+. He also commented that the route is far from his style of climbing and two movements in particular are extreme.

Stefan Scherz returns to the top level with a huge bang. Two months ago he broke his foot when he fell on his bike, but obviously that wasn't enough to put him in the pits. In fact, in the Oliana crag, he managed to grab a nice ascent of Papichulo, the very famous 9a+ that dominates the crag. For him this is the first 9a+ and, to recover as quickly as possible, he based his preparation on climbing with only one foot. The next goals for him are clear: the world cup competitions.

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