Double 9as for O’Halloran

Fresh and extreme FAs

07 June 2021
Tom O’Halloran frees two 9as, both in the Nowra cave. 

After a hard training period for the Olympics, Tom O’Halloran is really on fire. In less tahn ten days between May and June, he has established two new lines in the 9a range (35 in the local scale). They are really different and it confirms the great Tom’s skills on different styles.

The first one is Cheesecake, short and bouldery. About this one, Tom said that there are a lot of betas and he is curious to see the repetitions. After felt “easy” the line during his ascent, he taught to give the 8c grade, but also for others strong climbers, 9a seems more appropriate. The line is anyway really short, with ten meters and less than twenty moves!

The second one, climbed two days ago, is Little Baby Cheeses, that is a thirty meters long endurance test piece. ten years ago, Rob LeBreton bolted and extension of Cheesegobbler, a famous 7c+ short and intense, giving it fifteen meters more of hard climbing. Tom decided to end it on the top of the cave, giving some extra meters. The result is a 35 meters long line of extreme moves that could be in the 9a range. Two mega projects are still waiting for the first ascent…

Behind the comps, where Tom is already qualified for the Olympics, he has climbed around five lines on the ninth grade.

From Tom O’Halloran’s IG page



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