Edu Marin 9a/9a+ FA in Santa Linya

Thomas Mrazek 8b+ flash

08 December 2009           On December 4th, spanish Edu Marin -  onsight's specialist as he has done 3 8c and 7 8b+ -did the first redpoint ascent of Ciudad de dios 9a/9a+ (direct version of Fabela).   On a total amount of  13 9a at Santa Linya, this is the 5th  9a (or more) routes redpointed by Edu (on this grade Andrada did in Santa Linya 7 FAs and 2 repeats).   The czech climber Mrazek flashed Rock fuchs, 8b+.    On 2009 Tomas succeeded one 9a+ and 4 9a's, one 8c and 2  8b+ onsight. Not bad, after 4 months stop, in reason of an health problem.   Source: Thelowdown e Joekindkid   ms
Zenit 740x195

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