Elias Iagnemma freed Ultimo Tango a Zagarolo and proposed 9a/+

Old line at Grotti crag bolted two decades ago

08 January 2020
In Grotti's selective and technical crag, Elias Iagnemma made the first ascent of Ultimo Tango in Zagarolo, with the proposed difficulty of 9a/9a+.

Elias Iagnemma is serious and we understood this. Now he has remembered it again because at Grotti he freed a project that awaited the first ascent and for a long time, also giving him an important degree. Here in fact, Elias has recently climbed Ultimo Tango a Zagarolo, for him a 9a/+ waiting other climbs:

“The route is located at Grotti, it was bolted 20 years ago by Alfredo Smargiassi and is the historic project by Jolly Lamberti. I'm sure it hasn't been climbed previously. It is a pitch shot completely of physical power but above all tendon. It's real difficulty lies in resisting the various lacerations of the skin during the test sessions. I don't know how long it took me to free it, I never count sessions and attempts. I made some outings last year but it was wet and I gave up and then resumed it this year at the end of October and I was doing 2/3 sessions every 2 weeks because after the second or third I was torn apart by the reverse side of the roof and I had to wait 7/10 days before trying it again. At the beginning I tried to tape the wound for a few turns but it was impossible to resist the pain."

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