Flor and Rullo on 9b

Nice projects in Spain

09 November 2021
Jonatan Flor and Jorge Diaz Rullo on their 9bs.

It was a while without any news about them and so, here they are! Two extreme ascent in Spain...

Let’s start from the classics: Jonatan Flor has climbed the one and original 9b, Chilam Balam. Backin 2003 Bernabè Fernandez freed this iconic route in Villanueva de Rosario in Andalusia. Becoming famous because of the videos by Chris Sharma and Adam Ondra, Chilam Balam is well known for being the first 9b in history, together with Flex Luthor in USA.

From the first we go to the end, because Jorge Diaz Rullo has freed the last 9b climbed until today. In Margalef crag he has climbed Café Solo, the left exit of Café Colombia. He proposes the 9b grade but he says that it is not time to party: the real proj is still waiting for an ascent!

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