Fuertes on top after 40

First 8c onsight

13 January 2022
Dani Fuertes climbs El Camino de las Flores, 8c, onsight style.

After Janja's great performance, who climbed two 8c + onsights in 2021, Dani Fuertes' can also be considered a great feat. Increasing the level is normal in the growth of a climber and, by increasing the level, grades that previously had to be worked always succeed with less effort. Raising the level is normal, but… Not when you are already more than an adult!

The tale of ageless climbers is great and ranges from rock to competitions, with episodes such as Gabriele Moroni's first victory in the bouldering world cup over the age of thirty. Climber Dani Fuertes puts his name on this list of fabulous climbs with his latest feat: at the age of 41 he succeeded in his first 8c onsight, after a lot of 8b+.

For the past few years, Dani has been super fit, but he has outdone himself lately. At L'Ocaive he has onsight El Camino de las Flores, a pitch graded 8c. The route is very long and has a long horizontal roof. It starts with a famous 8a+ and then continues, reaching 50 meters of development and the grade of, as mentioned above, 8c. Of course, it must be admitted that the style of the route lends itself well to onsight climbing, but being able to finish is really something for a few climbers in the world...

From Dani Fuertes’ IG page



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