Young 9a guns: Barks and Scherz

9a for Stefan Scherz and Dylan Barks

11 June 2021
Stefan Scherz and Dylan Barks on their 9a projects.

Starting from the most far, Dylan Barks has climbed a really famous 9a: Arrested Development. Do you recognize it? Yes, it is the first 9a climbed by Alex Honnold, back in september 2019. It is near Las Vegas, in the Mount Charleston. Thi ascent could be a bad news for Honnold, because Dylan confirms what others already said. Considering other lines there, Arrested could be 8c+. A lot of repetitors said “low-end 9a”, but no one has really downgraded it. The 26 years old climber has spent just two attempts on the route and he could officially downgrade it!

And if Dylan is young, Stefan Scherz is younger, 19 years old. In Arco he has climbed Pure Dreaming, the 9a freed by Ondra and super repeated, with some 8c+ proposes, as also this latest one... PD is the second 9a and it is part of a great curriculum, that goes from rocks to the european champion title in 2020. As a loto of other climbers, also Scherz used the route as test for the upcoming comp season. What i sthe next? The IFSC lead world cup in Innsbruck!

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