Guillermin up to 9a+ and dreams about world title

Great news from the young French

22 April 2022
Victor Guillermin climbs Sachidananda, his first 9a +.

Excellent news from the very young French climber Victor Guillermin, who after having climbed Estado Critico (9a) takes home another nice route. This time the sixteen-year-old member of the national youth team was confronted with a classic opened by Gerome Pouvreau in Orgon, reaching another little dream in the drawer.

Last week, Victor won his first national youth competition in lead. Winning this comp gave him that extra pinch of pepper to increase his motivation and be able to raise the bar on the rock. It was in Orgon that the young climber made the ascent of Sachidananda, a 9a+ that has not been repeated very often.

Guillermin's growth is very constant, from a "simple" member of the French youth team he has become a spearhead of the team, with excellent results both indoors and outdoors. His plans now are to get to work to be successful in the upcoming competitions, trying to snatch a pass for the European championship and maybe even the World championship. While the body works, the mind travels and Victor dreams not only of participating, but also a little more... Good luck!

From Victor Guillermin’s IG page

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