Haladaj on Catxasa

Another 9a+ for Mateusz

12 May 2022
Mateusz Haladaj succeeds on Catxasa, 9a+.

The climbing reality in Eastern Europe is rooted and really full of very strong climbers, as evidenced by the results in the most famous competitions and crags all around the world. There is not only Adam Ondra, even in the Czech Republic there are very strong climbers like Martin Stranik and in the rest of the surrounding areas there is no shortage of big names. People who train a lot, talk little and climb hard.

Architect Mateusz Haladaj is certainly one of them, the first in history to bring 9a+ to Poland. Despite not being a pro-climber, Mateusz has a really interesting hard routes curriculum, with about fifteen routes from 9a upwards and also several grade 8 boulders. As if this were not enough, he is the founder of the brand of holds Venga and transmits his know-how to young people, dedicating himself to the Polish youth national team.

His latest exploits see him at work in Spain, more precisely in Santa Linya, the cathedral of high difficulty. Right here, last year, Haladaj managed to climb Catxasita, an "easier" version of his main project, which is still worth 9a. This year he got back on the project and in a short time he took home a rare ascent of Catxasa, the feared super 9a+ in the area.

From Mateusz Haladaj’s IG page

Alessandro Palma


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