Hörst, 9a brothers

Cameron and Jon in USA

17 June 2022
Cameron and Jonathan Hörst on Manphibian, 9a and Arrested Development, 9a.

Is there anything better than doing a 9a? Sure, to climb it with your brother! The history of climbing is full of examples where climbing high is a family matter and every time it is a source of motivation to read deeds similar to those of the Hörst, such as the Huber, the Pou or the Italian Zanone.

Children of art, Cameron and Jonathan continue the passion of their father Eric with absolute level. The first to climb hard pitches was Cameron, but he didn't follow suit and now they travel together and print hard pitches in good company, exchanging safety and advice. What can be better than a brother to travel and climb together? For the summer of 2022 the two Horst have in mind a long climbing trip in the USA, which is already bringing excellent results...

Climbing in Mt. Charleston, Cameron succeeded in the ascent of Manphibian, the classic 9a of the place. The next day, Jon climbed Arrested Development, which in theory would be his first 9a. Both expressed themselves on both the grade and the climb, confirming the beauty of the itineraries but evaluating the two routes slightly easier than the original grade. Knowing the coaching qualities of their father, we are sure that this couple will still make us dream in the future!

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