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Rogora and Ondra are the winners

23 August 2020
Ondra and Rogora are the winner of the 2020 Briancon World Cup. 

After a great battle, Adam Ondra has been able to catch the top of a really hard route. Behind him, a strong and talented Domen Skofic, who has won some positions after the semifinal. Jakob Schubert third, strong as always in every competition he takes part. Behind them, in 5th position, Alex Megos, fresh of his lifetime project around 9c. 

In the female competition, Janja Garnbret catches the top but it has been not enough for winning. Laura Rogora, strong and decided to take the gold, has also topped the route. Due to the first place in semis, Laura won. Third on the podium Fanny Gibert. 8th place for Giorgia Tesio

Male ranking:  Ondra, Skofic, Schubert, Potocar, Megos, Posch, Schalck, Monchois.

Female ranking: Rogora, Garnbret, Gibert, Pilz, Lukan, Kalan, Arthaud, Tesio, Tarkus.


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