9b again for Jonatan Flor

He climbs La planta de Shiva

09 December 2020
Jonatan Flor has climbed a world famous route in Andalucia: La Planta de Shiva.

The route is in Villanueva del Rosario, Andalucia, and it values 9b. No doubts about the grade, between the ascents we can see names like Schubert and Siegrist. The line has become famous in 2017, when Angy Eiter climbed it, becoming the first woman to climb a 9b grade. In 2011 Mr Adam Ondra signed the FA, opening this amazing endurance test piece. 

For Jonatan, La planta the Shiva is not the first 9b,but he says that this is the a hardest route in his career. He says: “Finally, after this long process, I can announce that I have sent my second 9b and the hardest route I have ever done! It has been a hard process, the route imposed a lot on me from the first moment, many days of bad weather... But after that uncertainty that this made me feel, I have finally been able to do it! Thanks to all of you who have supported me in the process

With this ascent, Jonatan confirms the excellent fitness of this year, where far from competitions has climbed a lot of hard sport routes. What will be the next project? 

From Jonatan's IG page


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