[VIDEO] Iker Pou on Artaburu, 9?

Few electrifying seconds on the latest crazy creature of Spanish climber

20 December 2018

Some days ago, Spanish living legend Iker Pou realized the first ascent of a new incredible route at Margalef, Artaburu, “the most difficult route I ever did, more then other 9a+”. Iker spent six years to do it, naturally in the middle did a lot of trip around the world and opened some great routes. “It was really hard to have motivation for all this time” said Pou.

About the difficult, Iker reports also:
"Yesterday we announced the news of the chaining of "Artaburu". The question I received the most is: What is the difficulty? Once again we are facing the eternal dilemma of the degree. I feel "Artaburu" as the hardest way I've ever done, far above all the 9a + I've ever tried and tested. So, based on logic, it could well be 9b or who knows if even more. This assessment is based on the effort it has cost me, but I lack references in this degree, and that is why I have tried to be as honest with myself and with others. When I started in the mountain world, I was fortunate that they instilled in me good values such as honesty and the desire to excel, which directly clashes with the competitiveness among climbers that is encouraged today.
I have always thought that the degree of a road should be indicative and not used as a weapon between climbers. That's why the decision not to put a particular degree. I would love "Artaburu" to be appreciated for its uniqueness, beauty and complexity. The degrees will never be an exact science, they depend on many factors such as: Morphology of the climber, conditions...So let's try to enjoy the mountain for all that it brings us and its beauty!"

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