Korherr onsights 8b in Ceuse

Great ascent for Solveig

25 May 2022
Solveig Korherr has onsighted Leirurgen du crépuscule, 8b.

The very young German climber Solveig Korherr makes a comeback with two great climbs at Ceuse, the cathedral of high difficulty where top climbers have to climb at least once in their life. The quality of the rock makes climbing unique in its kind, typically really demanding.

Already consecrated among the greats of the international vertical movement, this time Solveig has solved a difficult 8b in onsight style, or the most difficult of all the possible ways: you leave, without knowing anything about the route. The pitch in question is Le Chirurgen du Crépuscule, characterized by a difficult and demanding final slab.

It wasn't the only accomplishment of the vacation. Here in Ceuse, Solveig has also succeeded in the ascent of Dures Limites, a pitch graded 8c.

From Solveig Korherr’s IG page

Alessandro Palma

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