Lynn Hill, the Lady of the Big Wall that still climbs 8a!

At the age of 58, she still dedicated herself to expeditions and hard sport routes

07 March 2019
Lynn Hill is one of the most legendary, prestigious and renowned names in world climbing in every era and galaxy.

Born on January 1961 in Detroit, she began to climb 14 years after practicing artistic gymnastics for a long time. Already in the 1980s she climbed her first 7b+ and in 1985 first 7c+. In her competitions career between 1987 and 1992 she took home a World Cup (1991) and over 30 international competitions including 5 Rock Master.

In 1987 she resolved Reve du Papillon in Buoux, her first 8a and after going to live in Cimai, France, Sortilege, first 8b. Today could be numbers from normal "strong" climber but for that period were grades absurd, just think that before her no woman had ever climbed 8b+, what she did in 1990 closing Masse Critique, always in Cimai.

In 1993 Lynn made her masterpiece and one of the most extraordinary performance of all time, the ascent in free climbing of the Nose in Yosemite, that has now managed just a handful of super-climbers! Since then she has toured around the world taking part in expeditions on some unpolished walls of Madagascar, China, Thailand, Australia, Tasmania or Kyrgyzstan.

And never even to relax on the cliffs, Lynn has recently climbed The Orb, a great classic of 8a in Boulder Canyon, Colorado, ascent with Fred Knapp.

Everyone standing!

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