[VIDEO] Mobility for climbers - upper body

Some exercises to gain on the move

12 June 2018

Now every climbing training, conducted methodically has only one password, flexibility. For years climbing, especially bouldering, is increasingly an exercise not only of strength but also a lot, a lot, a lot of movements. Let's be clear, it has always been this way, but just look at how the tracking has changed in recent years to understand how we are increasingly moving towards complete body involvement through sequences closer to the circus or parkour than the old “a muerte”.
Hence the need to develop more and more targeted workouts to dissolve body and joints and as always the prestigious Kafè Craft has well thought of making this short but interesting video where it shows some useful exercise to do at least three times a week. It takes a short time and repays even more than the frenzied series of pull-ups at the bar.


Tcpro 740x195

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