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Mini intervista alla giovane climber dopo il primo 9a femminile italiano

01 March 2016

February, 28th, Laura Rogora, young Italian climber of Rome, did Grandi Gesti at Grotta dell’Arenauta, Sperlonga, living to Italy the first female 9a. A great success for this incredible climber that here speaks about her ascent.

Great work Laura! So young and able to do a 9a route. What did you have in mind the days after??

Oh, thanks! Honestly, when I listened the alarm clock, I still wanted to sleep and did not go to school! I didn’t sleep a lot during the night, I was really euphoric. I spent some minutes to realized…

What do you think toh ave your name near to climbers like Eiter, Shiraishi, Markovic, ecc?

I saw their videos with admiration! Naturally for me it’s a great honor.

During your work on the route, there was a particolar moment when you thought that the climb was possible for you?

The third days, I did the boulder of the route and starting from the fall I reached the top. In that moment I realized that the ascent was possible, it’s was a time point.

Say something about the route: we know that you had some problem in particolar in the high section.

Yes, the high part was the last I resolved. It’s a very morphological section and I had to find some others holds to use to climb but I arrived in that point always very tired and fell four times before to pass.

Why “Grandi Gesti”? It is particolar congenial for you or only a convenience situation cause is near to home?

It’s real, it’s near my home and is also the olny 9a in the area but it has always fascinated me a lot; a wonderful trip on the roof of the cave…

Your secret weapon?

I think a good rest before the last boulder. I did it with much more enery!



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