Laura Rogora beyond 9b!

She climbs Erebor at Eremo di San Paolo

03 October 2021
Laura Rogora climbs Erebor, 9b/+ in Eremo di San Paolo.

The golden year of Laura Rogora seems never ending. IN the famous Eremo di San Paolo crag, she has gone beyond the human limits, becoming the first woman to climb something harder than a 9b! The route is the well known project Erebor by Stefano Ghisolfi, freed in january 2021 after a lot of work. It is one of the world hardest route and for sure the hardest already climbed in Italy, harder than the others 9b. 

Laura Confirms to be a living legend of this sport, becoming the strongest woman rock climber in the world, stronger than a lot of men. After being a world cup winner, after claiming the bronze in the overall ranking, after 9b in Spain, after the Olympics… Laura Rogora climbs Erebor, 9b/+!

From Laura Rogora’s IG page



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