Full time work and 9a

Bouyoud climbs Ça chauffe

04 February 2021
Mathieu Bouyoud has climbed Ça chauffe, 9a in Seynes.

The French climber is still on fire. In his career, this one is the 24th route on the grade. Nowadays, a lot of things have changed respect ten years ago, when he started to climb on the grade. He has a family and a full time work, projecting climbing gym 40 hours a week. Covid has been harder than ever, Mathieu has climbed just during the weekend. He says that his secret is to climb a lot on different routes. We know that his experience is also huge, he has climbed 82 routes in onsight style, over the 8b grade! Thanks to his results, Bouyoud is one of the 20 top climbers for 8a.nu, despite he is not a professional one.

The route is in Seynes and it has been established by the young talent Tanguy Merard back in January 2020.

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