Mari Augusta Salvesen il the first woman to climb Ray’s Roof, E7 6c

Historical offwidth crack of Ray Jardine

19 February 2019
Prestigious first female ascent for Norwegian Mari Augusta Salvesen who in the Staffordshire climbed the infamous Ray's Roof, E7 6c offwidth crack.

The first time it was no less than by Ray Jardine in 1977 and took its name from him. It's that Roof that worries. If there is a crack offwidth bastard it is certainly this, Ray's Roof at Baldstones, in Staffordshire, not really a popular superclassic. Climbing is typical of the kind, physical, gruff and painful. It would not seem like stuff for a young lady from the north with braids but that's what happened when Mari Augusta Salvesen did the first female ascent of the route. And luckily there was Pete Whittaker with her, who doubted the possibility of success.

"I'm new enough in Peak but Ray's Roof often came back in conversations. Pete is usually very optimistic but this time he expressed several doubts about my ascent. His sister Kate also told me that the crux was so wide that I would have to use a boxing glove to get our hands together. I thought about finding a more effective beta also because it's a slot that does not spring until you're completely out. It is not very long, everything takes place for a few meters, but when you have a leg and arms stuck, you do not really feel like falling..."


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