Martina Demmel: collection of 8th!

Impressive ticklist for the German

20 March 2021
Martina Demmel has spent the first part of the year between Germany and Spain, with a lot of cool ascents.

The young Martina Demmel, famous because of her impressive number of hard routes climbed, is absolutely on fire. Between the home crags and the Sapin ones, she has already climbed more than ten routes 8a or harder, including an 8c in just two attempts!

During the first part of the year, she has climbed in her home crags, like Kochel and Frankenjura. Here her ticklist in Germany:

Der Sinn des Lebens 7c os

The Unforgiven 7c flash

Aroma del Sol 8b 2nd go (close flash)

The Shield 7c+ os

Zentralmassiv 8a+ 2nd go (close flash)

Der Sinn des Klebens 7c os

Moni auf dem Hoppelweg zum englischen Garten 7c os

Tis tis 8b 3rd go

Cis cis 8a 2nd go

Nor-a-line 8b/+ 

Wildeste Noraline 8b+/c 1st go after 'Noraline' with knowing the top very well

VQ 8b+ 5th gi

Damenwahl XT 8b+ 3rd go after "VQ"

Then, she has moved to Spain, where she has climbed a lot of longlines, most of them really quickly. Here the list:

Mishi 8a os

Gorillas en la niebla 8b+ 2nd go

Red Bull 7c+ os

Red Bull extension 8a+ 2nd go

De picos pardos 8b os

Mon Dieu 8a+ os

Macedònia 7c+ os

American Hustle 8c 2nd go

The year has just begun… We are more than excited about what she could climb in this 2021!

From Martina Demmel's IG page




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