Megos follows Bosi

Another 9b for Alex

30 November 2021
Alex Megos repeats Furia de Jabali, 9b.

Among the young people who have already left a good mark in the world of climbing there is certainly Will Bosi, a boy divided between the classic and the modern, with numerous repetitions (and first repetitions) of great classics and numerous first ascents of extreme routes.

Alex Megos is another of this club, with excellent results both in the race, remember that he is an Olympic, and on rock. His experience ranges from bouldering to multipitch, with a natural propensity for extreme engines climbed quickly. It was in Spain that he recently grabbed a super quick ascent of King Capella, 9b +!

The last repetition, which still unites Megos and Bosi, is that of Furia de Jabali, by Alex. The pitch in question is a 9b in Siurana, opened by the good Will and bolted by Beto Rocasolano. Alex had already tried the route with Will during the period of the FA, but a movement rejected him. After a few days of work and three bloody fingers, Alex repeated Furia de Jabali, adding another 9b to his hefty list.

From Alex Megos' IG page



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