Megos: another 9a flash

Intermezzo XY gelöst climbed at the first attempt

23 September 2021
Alex Megos has climbed Intermezzo XY gelöst 9a in flash style.

After being the first man to climb a 9a onsight, after grading 9c his masterpiece in Ceuse, After a great performance at the Olympics, after flashing Underground in Massone... Alex Megos is on fire again. The world famous German climber has in fact climbed another extreme line flash.

Actually, for the ones that don't know, we have just three styles for climbing a route:

Redpoint: projecting a route with more attempts;

Onsight: climbing it without any advice or any attempt;

Flash: climbing it at the first attempt but with some advices or after a video analysis.

Roland Wagner, who has already climbed this route, has helped Alex Megos to flash Intermezzo XY gelöst. It is a 9a freed by Klem Loskot in Plombergstein, near Salzburg. The fun fact is that, if we consider Underground 8c+/9a, Alex has onsighted a 9a before flashing it!

From Alex Megos' IG page



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