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09 September 2021
Gabriele Moroni, David Firnenburg and Josh Ibbertson on their 9a projects.

The Puma di Novara is still fighting. Despite the fact that he is Italian, Gabriele Moroni is considered a real Frankenjura local and right here he has climbed a lot of hard routes. The last one on this list is Der heilige Graal, a well known 9a. His choice has been taken because of the weather, that in Franken is really rainy: this route is one of the fastest in drying!

Talking about germany, a well known climber is David Firnenburg, one of the strong brothers. In Ceuse, David has climbed quite quickly Pornographie, the 9a freed by Alex Megos. The route is one of the most repeated on the grade and, in David’s opinion, it is quite soft, also compared with La Cadre, another 9a that he is near to send. As Stefan Scarperi, also David han not used the kneepad, like also the first ascensionist. 

Talking about the series “route and Route", Josh Ibbertson has climbed his second 9a. After projecting it for twenty days, Josh has reached a rare repetition of Northern Lights, one of the most famous route in the world. Around 25 years ago  Ben Moon bolted this line in Kilnsey, for giving the chance to got the FA to another legend, Steve McClure, who climbed it back in 2000. In more than twenty years he has just the ascents of Ondra, Megos, Bosi and now Ibbertson.

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