The Boulangerie, new sector at Monte Sordo

Some new route in Finale Ligure

01 December 2015

How many possibilities there are in Finale Ligure?
A lot f course! After decades of bolting and climbing in this area, the virgin rock gives again some new routes and here in a famous crag like Monte Sordo, one of the most important of Finale. Here the presentation of Boulangerie, new sector, illustrated by Gian Paolo Rivara. “I bolted this crag with the help of some friends using the natural and logic lines the rock offers, with a lot of space for movement between the routes. The name is a present for France and its attention for enviromental, an example for us. We love the tipical bakeries in this land and in fact the names of routes are all tipical sweets.
Boulangerie crag in between central sector of Monte Sordo and Placca di Mu with sun from 12 to 18."

Guide of Finale

by Marco Tomassini Ed. Versante Sud

The routes from left to right
1. LA CHARLOTTE 27 m 6b   GP Rivara.
2. MADAME DU FROID 20 m 6a+    GP Rivara.
3. FRANGIPANE 26m 5c    GP Rivara, E.Piacenza, A.Esposto.
4. GALETTE DU ROI 26m  6a+     Elisabetta Piacenza.
5. GIANPIERATISSIMO OH OH 20 m 6c   F.Bessone, A.parodi nel 1985
6. TROPEZIENNE 25m 7b    GP Rivara, A.Esposto. RP G.P. Rivara
7. RUE INFERNAL 25m 6b+    GP Rivara M.Bertoletti.
8. ARGENT 25m 6b    GP Rivara, E.Piacenza.
9. Three pitch route not again open

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