Adam Ondra 8c+ in South Africa

At Petzl Rock and Road Trip

30 July 2009   Invited as a guest  to the Petzl Rock and Road Trip Adam Ondra went to the Eastern Cape to climb and check out the local scene, then in Montagu in the Eastern Caper Adam climbed a longstanding project bolted in the late 90's by Sean Maasch. The projects name being Mazawattee. Those the words of an eyewitness: (source: “It was amazing to watch Adam do this route! He started up, checking out most of the moves and pulling on draws when necessary whilst cleaning holds. Once at the top he inspected the route again while be lowered down. After a good rest, he sent it on his first redpoint attempt. He did grunt a bit going through the cruxy top section (apparently this is only the 2nd time he has really grunted on his trip here :D His opinion on the grade was that the route is 35/8c+”    Adam also sent Two To Win (aka Streetfight) at Oudtshoorn on his 2nd attempt, confirming the grade 34/8c.   ms source:
Zenit 740x195

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