Ondra kills in Europe

Nice ascents for Adam

21 January 2022
Adam Ondra makes a massacre of hard routes in Europe.

The power is certainly not lacking in this first part of 2022: Adam Ondra is really on fire and grabs the ascent of Furia de Jabali, Will Bosi's legendary pitch in Siurana. This route, originally graded 9b, is not however the only exploit of the last period, full of good things between FA and on-sight.

As Schubert and Megos had also proposed, Ondra believes that Furia de Jabali can easily be 9a +, confirming the slight downgrade. In the wake of the downgrade, we have to talk about La pequena Mowgli, an 8c graded pitch that the Czech climbed on-sight at the end of the day. For this on-sight it proposes the 8b + grades.

On his social channels, Adam also posted another very interesting video, shot at Beckov. The Czech champion made the first ascent of Absolutorium, a pitch that had been waiting for the FA for twenty-seven years, practically the same age as Ondra himself. The pitch develops for thirty meters, with a very continuous hard climbing style. For this latest FA, Adam proposes the grade of 9a.

From Adam Ondra’s social channels

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