Ondra consoles himself on 9as

Still unsuccess on Perfecto Mundo

04 December 2020
Adam Ondra has climbed quickly three 9as but he has still some difficulties on Perfecto Mundo

Adam is going crazy, he has not climbed Perfecto Mundo yet. Left with good intentions to climb the Megos’ line, he has found a lot of difficulties. Climbing in a very scientific way, Adam is always checking the conditions before the good attempts and they are really hard to find. As all of us, the conditions are too important when we climb near our limits. Temperature, humidity, wind… All of this are real important factors that could make an ascent easier or harder. But, what about if conditions are always bad? Well… Adam says climbing on easy stuff, like some 9as!


Victimas Perez: My nightmare, tried a few days back in 2015, a few days this trip, usually tired and when conditions were too bad for Perfecto. Today sent with severe humidity.

Direcya Bongada: Start like Directa Rodellar, finish in Bongada. It is link-up, but honestly, as a line it is the most direct and logical one. You do all the hard part from Directa Rodillar 8c+/9a, good kneebar and all the upper part of Bongada. Unfortunately the kneebar is too good to make any harder than hard 9a, maybe 9a/+, but definitely not 9a+. 1st real try after both Directa Rodillar and Bongada, in the very last minutes of the day.

El Potro: Start like Bumaye, then go straight up. Really good short power endurance.

From Adam Ondra


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