Pelorson on Jungle Boogie

Another 9a+ for Nico

11 June 2022
Nico Pelorson climbs Jungle Boogie, 9a +.

After a past as a competitor with good results, today's Nicolas Pelorson is a very strong outdoor climber, with a curriculum full of really hard pitches and boulders. His latest exploits see him engaged in France, the homeland of high difficulty.

In the mythical cliff of Ceuse, besieged in this period by hordes of climbers, Nico Pelorson has climbed a great classic of the place, as well as one of the most famous 9a+ in the world: Jungle Boogie. After moving to Marseille and thus shifting his focus to sport climbing, Nico built the stamina he lacked last year and managed to climb this truly extreme route.

In his career, Pelorson has a dozen routes from 9a to 9a+, with a lot of extreme bouldering. Among these stand out No Kpote Only (9A downgraded to 8C/+) and Sudain Seul (9A downgraded to 8C+).

From Nico Pelorson’s IG page

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