Pou frees Gran Guggenheim 9a+

Another extreme line for the Spanish

18 February 2021
Iker Pou has established Gran Guggenheim and he proposes the 9a+ grade.

"I have always liked the shorter routes, but sometimes, there is no choice but to undertake what you are not so good at or that is a great challenge for yourself. This is the case with the recent first ascent of Gran Guggenheim, 9a +"

With these few words, Iker Pou tells us about his last first ascent in Maiorca, where he proposes the 9a+ grade. The route is in a huge and suggestive cave, the line seems never ending.It is a composition between the first part of Guggenheim and the last one of Gran Lubre. Gran Guggenheim is the second 9a+ in Maiorca, an area which has been developed a lot from the Pous. Iker, back in 2015, has also established Big Men, the first 9a+ in this wonderful island. 

In a short video on their socials, Eneko shows how to retake the rope to facilitate the ascent in case of such a huge cave like this one.

From IG page Hermanos Pou



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